Betting tips for Summer Olympics

Smart Betting Tips For Rio 2016

It is that time again, when the entire world comes together to celebrate athletic excellence. One of the oldest sporting tournaments is making its way to the energetic, vibrant, and colourful city of Rio after a gap of four years. The Olympics makes its presence felt for the second time in the continent of Latin America and, arguably, there could be no greater ambassador for it than the hustling and bustling Brazil. Rio 2016 promises to be one event that will be remembered for a long time.

Excitement, Intrigue, And Farewells

The 31st Olympics promises to be a carnival of joy and fun, but also has many a sporting spectacle to offer. Rio will bear witness to many a sportsperson walking away from their chosen discipline, having thrilled fans for decades. None more so than Usain Bolt. The ‘fastest man on earth’ has announced that this will be his last race and final curtain call.

There is also the Brazil football team that hopes to win back its lost pride. After being hammered out of the World Cup on their own turf, they will look to win the gold as a minimum to appease the football-mad nation.

Betters Can Strike Gold As Well

With the multitude of sporting events streaming one after the other, not to mention simultaneously, it presents a golden opportunity for punters to strike it rich. Make no mistake, betters can feel a bit lost in the ocean that is the Olympics. Our experts have listed three simple tips that can help people strike gold during the mega event:

  • Take advantage of the uninformed

The Olympics presents a strange time for people who indulge in sports betting. There are many who put their money on a team or an athlete without getting information about them. A common reason is that the team or the individual belongs to the betting person’s country. This presents an opportunity for those who do their research to gain more on the same bet, because others bet incorrectly.

  • Options and more options

Not only are the general public entertained with the variety of sports on offer, even the bettors find it to be one of the more exciting times to wage money on sports. It is kind of a double whammy with a plethora of sports, including equestrian events, and numbers of exotic events that includes individual, teams and other betting choices within a discipline. Athletics is one of the best examples of the wide variety of options available to appease your betting desires.

  • Odds are golden

This is where the punters can go all out. The Olympics provide odds on each and every event. All that has to be done is a certain amount of research, which will help to understand which odds to go for and which ones to ignore.


A Sporting Mega Event

The Olympics rolls around once in four years and 2016 presents a golden opportunity to indulge in some sports betting.

Rowing – European Championships, Brandenburg, Germany

“Brandenburg welcomes rowing masters of the world in May for the European Championships!”


Fifty years of neglect


For more than fifty years, there were no European Championships in rowing. Yes, the International Rowing Federation simply merged the event with the World Championship, and dissolved the popular event. Luckily, they came to their senses in the 00s, reintroducing the popular rowing championship. Since 2007, this has been a yearly event, to the joy of both rowers, fans and punters alike. It is held in a new country every year, with the exception of Poland, who held the championship twice. This year it is going to Germany, and will be held in Brandenburg – the town, not the famous monument in Berlin! It will be a new parade of class and skills, with both male and female events taking place next to each other. This, of course, provides a great possibility for punters to make some money as rowing is not a particularly famous sport, even though it is widely practiced. Football and other national sports draw more attention, hence, the odds compilers are more ready for football events. When it comes to rowing, only a handful of odds creators truly know the sport well enough to calculate the winning probability of different teams. The rest of the online bookmakers simply copy their odds. Which, in turn, opens up for mistakes being exploited to the fullest.


Earn money off the European Championship


The European Rowing Championship will be held in May, meaning that you still have more than enough time to create an account online, do some research, and make some solid money off the event. News agencies like the BBC usually have a lot of information in regards to the different rowers, which will be useful when you start laying stakes. Since the event is more or less unpredictable, the odds will be high enough for you to earn some money. You will not even need to leave your house, just deposit through your computer or mobile phone and start placing bets! Our best tip for this year’s event will be the British female team. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning have not lost since 2011, and will surely do their best in Brandenburg to prove that they are worthy to be part of the Olympics team. Most online bookies will have plenty of odds on the event, both for the pair, double, quad and eight heats, not to mention the single rowing races. Germany is in the very centre of Europe, hence, it is quite easy to get yourself to Brandenburg and follow the event live from the side-lines. If you are there, you can see with your own eyes which teams are in better shape. Then, again, all you need to do is take out your mobile phone or tablet, and place your bets. You could very well end up leaving Germany with more money than you came with, perhaps more than you spent on the trip!

Athletics – London Marathon

There is bound to be a big red circle around the date ‘April 24th’ on a lot of calendars, particularly those of endurance athletes – amateur and professionals alike. That day is set to be the highlight of for many, as they brave the 26-mile 385-yard course that is the 2016 London Marathon. As part of the World Marathon Majors calendar, the 36th running of this event will no doubt bolster its popularity and provide plenty of entertainment.

For those of us who prefer leafing through the Sunday papers with a large pot of coffee instead of pounding the tarmac for twenty-six miles, what fun can we get out of the event? It is easy to watch and applaud the effortless prowess of the runners, along with the determination of those runners who decide to don a chicken suit, but perhaps having a little flutter on the race will give it that extra edge from the comfort of your couch.


In a dramatic finish to the 2015 event Eliud Kipchoge outsprinted his Kenyan compatriot and 2014 winner Wilson Kipsang, with just a five-second gap between them at the line. With these two going head-to-head again, a few bob on either could be a wise wager! Yet, do not discount world record holder Dennis Kimetto to improve on his third-place finish from last year, or the fourth placed Kenyan, Stanley Biwott, who is fresh from a win in New York.

Of the female runners, Ethiopian Tigist Tufa is the bookie’s favourite. Counting her 2015 win as her greatest race, she is back to cement her reputation. However, she will face competition from the athlete she beat last year, Kenyan Mary Keitany, who is the current world champion. Keitany will be eager to avenge the fact that Tufa denied her a third win in 2015.


Last year’s event saw the swansong of a veritable legend in marathon running. Britain’s Paula Radcliffe set 2015 as her last professional outing and did so with great aplomb. She has since been involved in training with another British athletics legend, Dame Kelly Holmes. Holmes has a host of 800m and 1500m medals to her name, and has refused to set a goal time, so taking a punt on how long she takes to do the 26-mile course could be a fun future flutter.

Other celebrities running who might encourage a punt for fun include DJ Chris Evans and rower/adventurer James Cracknell. If politics is your obsession, then why not try to pick a winner from the eight British MPs who will be running the course! Our favourite pick for a cheeky wager is to bet on the time one Timothy Peak records. His personal best for the London Marathon is a respectable three hours fifteen minutes, but this time he’ll be doing it IN SPACE! The astronaut on the ISS will be running on a treadmill in orbit so a few quid on whether zero-gravity running is faster or slower should prove interesting.